Wifi Printer not printing every time


You send a print job, and wait to be surprised. Will it work this time?

This is a very common problem with wireless printers, and very easy to be fixed!

The problem: Printer uses a dynamic IP address.
Solution: Assign a static IP address.

All wireless routers assign an address to each device connecting to it. This address is called an “IP Address”, and is a nine digit number that looks like this:
The dynamic ip address is assigned on a “first come first serve basis”, so every time the printer goes to sleep and wakes up again, it is being assigned a new ip address.

The problem? Your computer was told to look for one particular ip address belonging to your printer, and does not know how to browse the list of connected devices to find your newly assigned ip address each time the printer restarts.

This problem is generally solved by assigning a static ip address. Most printers have this option and can be accessed through the setup menu.

Watch a setup video for hp printers: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llYNMNKJMX4 .


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